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 The Incas’ Gold : Origins and mysteries-Pinacothèque de Paris 

Wednesday 24 November 2010
10 September 2010to6 February 2011
10 September 2010to6 February 2011

incaThe Incas dominated the Andes for a century (1400-1553). When they settled in the Cuzco région in the 13th or 14th centuries, ten civilizations had already lived there. The Incas were therefore the inheritors of sophisticated traditions, elaborated over four thousand years.

Regarded as being the sun’s « sweat », the suprême being in the animist Inca panthéon, gold was strongly linked to religious rituals. Since the Inca emperor was the living embodiment of the sun, gold was equally prominent in the représentation of power. It was a means of sociak différentiation for the élite and an indispensable part of the deceased’s funeral trousseau. Gold was used in a wide range of objects, all of them présent in the exhibition : crowns, diadems, earrings, nose ornements, pins, ritual cups, pectoral ornaments, necklaces, figurines or onrments. Objects made from silver, the métal linked to the moon goddess, were also very prévalent in the Andes and High quality Works are also shown.