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 An interview with Bruno Borrione – Designer 

Thursday 30 April 2009
Bruno Borrione - Designer © J.L. Dubin

Bruno Borrione - Designer © J.L. Dubin

This is the not the first time that you have dealt with a hotel! Which hotels have you previously worked on?

15 years ago I developed le Jardin des Sens hotel and restaurant for the Pourcel brothers in Montpellier and prior to that Le Placide in Paris for Mr Bansard. I have just completed the renovation of the Anne-Sophie Pic hotel in Valencia and I am currently putting the finishing touches to the 4 star Palacio Avenida hotel in Palma, Majorca. Over the past 20 years, I have also helped with the development of almost all the hotels in the Starck agency portfolio.

You have effectively worked with Philippe Starck for 20 years, today, what gives the Borrione touch to his empire? Lire le reste de cet article »