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 Newsletter n°66 

Friday 5 February 2016

Atelier Vivanda Paris

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A meat and potatoes place… It sounds hardly simple but believe me the only 20 seats they have are advisable to reserve right now!

Akrame Benallal is the chef behind this steakhouse creation awarded already two Michelin stars for his sophisticated “one of kind” restaurant “Akrame” located right across the street. However, his concept for this modern bistro was clear: vegetarians stay away! To start with, waiters wearing leather butchers’ aprons serving delicious iberic ham cut right off the bat in front of you. Coming from a semi-open kitchen variety of beef, duck, chicken, pork and veal cuts, cooked perfectly to your liking. Serve with All-you-can-eat rule sides completing this carnivorous adventure. Desserts are up to level to! Fortunately, with an easy choice, because any one you go for, you cannot go wrong!

Really? Is a one of must go in the neighbourhood!

Atelier Vivanda

18 rue Lauriston

75016 Paris 16

Open Monday to Friday for lunch & dinner


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Taste of Paris returns from 11-14 February 2016!

Come and enjoy French cuisine at it’s finest as Paris’ best restaurants, chefs and producers all appear under one roof in the sublime setting of the Grand Palais this February.

Music & Culture

At Philharmonie de Paris

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Blending Jean Nouvel’s innovative architecture and the acoustics design of Marshall Day Acoustics makes this place a modern vision of immersion into the world of music.

Beside the 2400 seat auditorium with walls composed of moving panels, treated to increase reflection and reverberation to resonate the sound in the right direction, there is very cosy amphitheatre with only 250 seat (and an organ pipe consisting over 7000 pipes with 91 stop designed as part of building architecture by Rieger Orgelbau). Several rehearsal rooms and concert hall regularly animated by world-class orchestras, soloists, composers of classic and contemporary music from every genre. Philharmonie de Paris allows you also to discover music from another perspective by taking part in their learning activities and temporary exhibitions by visiting their museum of music or divulge resources of their extensive media library.

Adding to that bars and restaurants (especially the one on the 6th floor offering panoramic view of Paris) where you can refresh and relax between activities. This makes Philharmonie de Paris the perfect place to escape from reality and having unforgettable date with a music!

Check their agenda on or talk to our concierge team for more details.

Philharmonie de Paris

221, avenue Jean-Jaurès
75019 Paris

Unusual discovery
The Royal Caves du Louvre

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There is no better place to discover the secrets of wine than 18th-century wine cellars used by the sommelier of King of France Louis XV

Right in the heart of Paris located in breath-taking underground a 600m2 cave this mythic place (one of the largest (and oldest) cellars in the capital allows you discover by “Five senses in five rooms’’ The smell, touch, sight, sound and, taste of wine. There is also room where you can mix your own wine bottle exactly to your liking with personalised label and take it home.

This kind of experience dedicated to any wine lovers from novice to expert level, may be also an interesting interactive learning experience for kids or non-drinkers. (On Arrival, you can download a free application, which will guide you through your visit and help explore the mysteries of the world of wine)

To complete your visit there is also boutique selling wine, accessories, books, and “Cire Trudon” candles (as the king’s sommelier was also his candle maker).

Open every day from 10 am to 17 h 30.

52, rue de l’Arbre-Sec

75001 Paris

Website :

 Concierge’s newsletter n°37 – March 2013 

Monday 11 March 2013

Restaurant – Citrus Etoile

CitrusLocated at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, nearby from the Champs-Elysées, Citrus Etoile restaurant is easy to find in this area of luxury, high business and high diplomacy.

After pushing the door of 6, rue Arsène Houssaye, you will discover a warm, colorful and bright establishment.

The dominant colour of the decor is orange with touches of green on a light gray background that reflects light.

As well as the excellent cuisine of Chef Gilles Epié, the place is imbued with the presence of Madame Elisabeth Epié who has brought his team a sense of welcome almost unique in Paris.

In dishes, we found Chef Gilles Epié and his spirit of French haute cuisine.

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 M64’s newsletter – January 2013 

Thursday 24 January 2013

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Thursday 17 January 2013

The InterContinental® Montreal is proud to join the Montreal Snow Village and Ice Hotel, a Nordic experience set to dazzle and delight visitors looking for a unique adventure. The Village, which is North America’s first and only entire village made of snow and ice, will officially open on Tuesday, January 22nd in the city’s Parc Jean Drapeau. For 2013, the village’s architects and sculptors are using the Big Apple as inspiration for the village’s setting, sculptures and décor.

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