Concierge’s Newsletter – June 2009 

Celebrate the Aeronautic and Space Centenary

parc-dexpositions-de-paris-le-bourgetThe International Aeronautic and Space show is going to be the opportunity of an unprecedented air festival for all the passionate persons!
You can discover a daily unique show with more than 3 hours flight demonstrations with all the novelties of the aircraft industry as well as 30 historic planes (Blériot XI, Fokker DR1, B17, Mustang, Corsair…).
Finally, the Patrouille de France will make an exceptional presentation on Saturday and Sunday.

From June 19th until June 21st 2009. PARC DES EXPOSITIONS DE PARIS LE BOURGET

Music in June

surabaya-indonesieBesides concerts expected from Depeche Mode, AC / DC, Liza Minnelli, Mika, Liz Mc Comb or Indochine in June, Paris celebrates the music on June 21st for it’s 28th edition, through all the city. Concerts in group or solo, exhibitions, the Ministry of Culture and Communication celebrates this year its 50th anniversary.

To mark this symbolic date, the Music festival will celebrate 50 years of French song. New cities joined last year. In 2008, several cities in the world inaugurated their first Music festival:
Erbil in Irakian Kurdistan received the French jazz band Mystery Trio, the streets and squares of Sacramento, in California, welcomed many bands like the Sacramento Youth Band, Winko Ljizz and its Acoustic Sanctuary, The Mighty Josephine or Adrian Bourgeois…

Surabaya city festival (Indonesia)

Giverny Museum of Impressionisms

le-jardin-de-monet-a-givernyIn September 2006, The Terra Foundation for the Arts decided to withdraw from the museum of American Art of Giverny it had created fifteen years ago. What would be the future of this place, the most important museum in the Eure district with its 100 000 visitors, a museum equipped with modern and perfectly operating facilities? The local authorities took the project in hand.

In partnership with le museum of Orsay, foundation Claude Monet and museum Marmottan, the museum starts out again as museum of Impressionisms Giverny.

As its name has it the Museum of Impressionisms Giverny focuses on all the different forms of Impressionism, one of the most popular painting movements. Its origins, its geographical diversity, its history and development in other streams, are the themes the museum deals with.
Because Giverny is not only an essential stop on an impressionist route in the Seine Valley, it is also a crucial landmark in the turn from Impressionism to the art of the 20th century.
Exhibition “Monet’s Garden in Giverny: Inventing the Landscape” From May 1st to August 15th 2009

Paris to Giverny : 88km (55 miles)
Tour of Giverny and the American museum every day except Monday at 1.15pm (Reservations only)

Marc Riboud

musee-de-la-vie-romantiqueThe Romantic Life museum presents approximately hundred and ten Marc Riboud’s pictures, of which a majority of black vintages and white unpublished works, in particular unknown variations of images symbolic ‘ as The Painter of the Eiffel Tower ‘ of 1953 or ‘ The Girl in the flower ‘ of 1967.

The exhibition redraws the various work this 85-year-old tireless traveler. Through the quite intuitive science of the immediate, Marc Riboud was one of the first witnesses of the history of the last sixty years until the recent American presidential elections.

A series of portraits participates of its personal diary, whereas its ultimate shots in color of China end he’s journey brotherly and committed, full of pitfalls, such as it had begun in the 1950s. More secret sequences of the brave life of this fair man, poet, in love with humanity and nature, vibrating of tenderness and humor.
Until July 26th at the museum de la Vie romantique – 16 rue Chaptal – 75009 Paris

Les Passages couverts parisiens.

Parisian invention of the XVIIIth century, there had for vocation to hold the passers-by while shortening their routes. Paris counted until 150 passages in the 1850s.
All deserve a visit. The most known are:

La Galerie Vivienne:
la-galerie-vivienne Opened in 1826, the gallery was the most frequented of the city. Of a narrow and irregular plan, it differed by the big variety of its spaces, the brightness of shops and the animation of its businesses. It still shelters this day the oldest bookshop of Paris based in 1826 which is the den of Colette and Aragon, as well as the restaurant Grand Colbert.


La Galerie Colbert:
Enemy sister of the Gallery Vivienne, it opened to hijack the passers-by of it sister. Cunningly covered with a magnificent 15 meters dome glazed which attracted eyes, to mitigated the irregularities of the ground. Trompe l’oeil, false marble, and pompeïn columns will not be enough for the passers-by to avoid it.

Le Passage Choiseul:
This 190 meters covered path was sadly virgin of any mirrors or rotunda in its opening in 1827. However, with its cafes in each of the extremities, three reading cabinets and one famous theater, the passage welcomed Verlaine and other poets in search of inspiration.

The Passage Jouffroy:
Opened in 1846, was the first passage warmed by the ground. Its modernism, attractions, and the beauty of its
Passers-by explain why it was so crowded. Today, you will find the famous Grevin wax museum.

Don’t forget the passages: Panoramas, Princes, Verdeau, the Vero-Dodat gallery …

I love you Paris!

paris-je-taimeThe artist Frédéric Baron, has collected the words «I love you» in more than three hundred languages, and now wants to pass on these messages of love by exposing them on a wall.

Built in the heart of the public garden Jehan-Rictus, near the Abbesses Square in Montmartre, on a surface of 40 square meters with a total of 511 stones, the wall traduce in 311 languages the sweetest and most romantic of the expressions, “I love you”.

«nian’-ni-né-sné-i-kou-nou» (India),
«sé-rèt-lèk» (Hongry),
«daï-sou-ki» (Japan),
«ti amo» (Italy),
«veille-el-skar-deille» (Norway),
«èk-èt -you- lif» (South Africa).

Don’t forget :

* Andy Warhol at the Grand Palais until July 13.
* Kandinsky from april 8th 2009 to august 10th at the Georges Pompidou center.
* Le Siècle du Jazz from March 17th to June 28th at the museum of the Quai Branly.
* Les Grandes Eaux Musicales at the Château of Versailles. Park of the Château of Versailles from April 4th to October 25th 2009.
* Fastes de Cour et Cérémonie Royales from March 31st to June 28th 2009. Open everyday except Mondays from 9 :00 am to 6 :30 pm at the Château of Versailles.
* Gustave Eiffel, the iron magician atThe Hôtel de Ville until august 29th.
* Daniel Buren at Picasso Museum until september 1st.

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