Concierge’s newsletter n°61 – June 2015 

Restaurant Le Chardenoux

Created in 1908 by the family of the same name, the Chardenoux is one of those authentic bistrotsof Paris. Thishistorical building, with a typical Parisian décor, send us few years in the past, with its zinc counter, painted ceilings and moulding.

Le Chardenoux

The Chardenoux was acquire and renovated in 2008 by French Chef, Cyril Lignac, who welcomes you here, in his third restaurant in Paris.

Set between “Place de la Bastille” and “Place de la Nation”, the restaurant can accommodate around thirty seats inside andoffers, for sunny days, a pleasant terrace in this quiet neighbourhood.

Chef celebrates local and seasonal products and bistro-style specialties. Cyril Lignac suggests a short menu, with for example a burratina with olive oil and grilled eggplant, veal stew with tomato and macaroni organic parmesan or a toast with raspberries for dessert.

1, rue Jules Valles 75011 Paris
Open every day for lunch from noon to 2:30pm and for dinner from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Exposition Edith Piaf – Bibliothèque nationale de France François Mitterrand

On the centenary of her birth, the BNF(French National Library) dedicates an important exhibition to Edith Piaf.

Edith PiafGathering hundreds of documents which some totally unpublished which evoke destiny of street artist, become popular in France, idol and international icon. The exhibition allows you, equipped in the entrance of anaudio guide, to see and to introduce into the world of Edith Piaf, through a spectacular musical scenography and a rich route and a broadcasting.

Her voice, her life, her directory, everything contributes to transform the small street singer into a recognized star of the music hall, one of the major figures of the world-famous French popular culture.

The BibliothèqueNationale de France suggests coming to discover or to rediscover melodies, pictures, texts that made of Edith Piaf a legend, understand them and to look at them for their emotional power but also for their situation in the cultural story and in the collective memory.
The visitor finds faces and important moments of the life and career of the singer.

You are also invited to discover the singer from different angles: how the girl who camefrom an acrobats familybecame the symbol of the people; by which miracle she still continues today to be carried by the crowd of her admirers; how a simple realistic singer was able to metamorphose into an artist unique and adulated; how, by her songs and her lovers, she embodies all the colours of love, from the most tragic to the most joyful.

The exhibition also shows which roles played the radio, the record disk and the press in the emergence of the talent of Piaf, until the day when the art and the media, the cinema and the television, seized her and made a legend.


Quai François Mauriac 75013 Paris
Untill August 23rd.
From Monday to Saturday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.On Sunday from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Gastronomie – La Maison Plisson – Concept Store

Recently opened, at the top of le Marais, la MaisonPlisson, is a big “food court” dedicated to some of the best foodstuffs. Grocer’s shop takes on an air of the 50s, which extends over 500 square meters, la MaisonPlisson, sponsored by the Michelin star rewarded Chef Yves Camdeborde, proposes the ultimate of the gastronomy butcher’s shop, delicatessen, creamery, ice-cream maker, scoop but also a wine cellar, a grocer’s shop and a bakery.


To reduce wasting and food losses, an adjoining restaurant, suggesting having breakfast, lunch, snack and early dinner, proposes dishes developed from products sold within the grocer’s shop, to consume on the spot in a very bright dining room or to take away.

93, Boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris
Open from Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 9:00 pm. On Sunday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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