Concierge newsletter n°44 – October 2013 

Restaurant – Agapé*

AgapéA cosy atmosphere, mood lighting and a warm atmosphere… L’Agapé, starred in the Michelin Guide, is full of feel-good factor. The tables are covered with elegant cloths and the dining area, for 35 to 40 guests, is decorated with a sculpture by Nathalie Decoster and paintings by the Vietnamese artist Boun.

The restaurant is ideally situated, in the 17th district of Paris, near the Boulevard Malesherbes, the Avenue de Villiers and the Avenue de Wagram, not far from the Ternes district.

L’Agapé is the result of the vocation of two food enthusiasts, Laurent Lapaire and Olivier Le Franc, graduates of the Montargis catering school. They have both been trained up in excellence. Laurent trained with the great chefs of starred restaurants, and Olivier learned the art in Paris’s luxury beer cellars and restaurants. So they naturally decided to join forces and create L’Agapé in 2008, and earned a star in the Michelin Guide in 2009.

From 2011 the Chef Toshitaka Omiya manages the cuisine and brings a touch of modernity in the cooking.

51 Rue Jouffroy d’Abbans  75017 Paris

Night Club - Club 79

Club 79Club 79 is just renovated and decided to go to recapture of his customers. After a visit to the branch Electro with a mitigate success, the club returned to his first love. You should know that the club is not born from yesterday, but since there 1936.

Club 79, after extensive decoration works, awaits you in its new showroom with a modern decor. The Club has several lounges which can accommodate nearly 1,200 people!

Exit electro, now up to contemporary music for all ages. It means both tubes of the moment as long as the best off of 70 or 80.

22 Rue Quentin-Bauchart  75008 Paris

Exhibition - Masculin / Masculin

Masculin masculinWhile it has been quite natural for the female nude to be regularly exhibited, the male nude has not been accorded the same treatment. It is highly significant that until the show at the Leopold Museum in Vienna in the autumn of 2012, no exhibition had opted to take a fresh approach, over a long historical perspective, to the representation of the male nude. However, male nudity was for a long time, from the 17th to 19th centuries, the basis of traditional Academic art training and a key element in Western creative art.

Therefore when presenting the exhibition Masculine / Masculine, the Musée d’Orsay, drawing on the wealth of its own collections and of other French public collections, aims to take an interpretive, playful, sociological and philosophical approach to exploring all aspects and meanings of the male nude in art.
Given that the 19th century took its inspiration from 18th century classical art, and that this influence still resonates today, the Musée d’Orsay is extending its traditional historical range in order to draw a continuous arc of creation through two centuries down to the present day, and will include the whole range of techniques: painting, sculpture, graphic arts and, of course, photography, which will have an equal place in the exhibition.

Orsay Museum
From September 24th 2013 to January 2nd 2014

Museum - Le Manoir de Paris

Le manoir de parisDiscover the dark legends that await you at Le Manoir de Paris

Enter Le Manoir de Paris and see Paris as never before.

Follow our unique and scary indoor tour, where history haunts you as the mysteries and legends of Paris are brought to life.

Le Manoir de Paris unlocks the mysteries of the capital. A new concept in France, this attraction in the heart of the City of Lights brings to life 13 legends of Paris.
This haunted museum is spread over 2 floors and almost 10,000 ft². Follow the interactive path through the thrilling history of Paris and watch as the legends of Paris come to life.

18 Rue de Paradis  75010 Paris

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