Concierge’s Newsletter n°35 

Restaurant – M64
Our new Chef, Edward Uchiyama


Go easier, offer fresh and tasteful products, seasonal menus, preference for a healthy food…

At only thirty-three years old, this young chef likes combining tradition, simplicity, health but also exotism : “I do not cook complicated with too many flavours, too much food in a dish, I prefer simple things with taste, good things for health”.

Edward grew up in Montreal with is parents part of Japanese restaurateurs. Between two cultures, Edwrad held the Canadian serenity from the vaste expanses of nature and the open mind of the people; but also his Japanese roots, reminding him that rigor, precision and diligence are the hallmarks of a well done job.

His father suggests him to learn the cooking skills in France: indeed, he knew this country, he learnt how to cook there, more than thirty years ago. He retains several things: curiosity, cultural heritage and he believes that the fundamentals of cooking can be learned only in France.

Edward then moved in, he hopped to stay for few months. He began at the Four Seasons Georges V, he stayed 3 years then he was hired by Joël Robuchon for three consecutive years as well.

“In our family, the French cuisine is the foundation, the B-A ba”. Moreover, both in Japan and Canada, Edward saw all his childhood French cuisine to be imported.

As Sous Chef for two years at the M64, this young men is not lost in his new role as chef, he sees his team as a real force of proposals.

The new menu is totally different, it offers seasonal products : Chestnuts, root vegetables, quinces compote… Several tests have been made…
The menu was developed according to the new chef, always with the same mind : simplicity and health.

Edward gave to the new menu his real signature.  So, it is normal to find products from all over the world. Such as the Quinoa, served with a traditional fish.

His new menu has been inspired by the several travels of Edward.

“This is a seasonal menu, with seasonal products, everybody worked in the conception of this new Menu”.

Christmas Markets

champs elysees 1

Born in Germany and Alsace, Christmas markets were very popular in the 90s.
They became a festive event for many municipalities. In Paris, Christmas markets are an opportunity to shop and to organise Christmas evening. In each cottage, there are some products like decorations or traditional food; especially local products and homemade items.

Major sites in the city:

-       Christmas father’s village at Saint-Germain-des-Pres (Paris 6th – Metro : Saint-Germain-des-Pres)

-       Christmas’s market on the Champs Elysees (Paris 8th – Metro : Champs Elysées Clemenceau)

-        Christmas’s village of Trocadero (Paris 16th – Metro : Trocadero)

-       Christmas’s village of Montparnasse (Paris 15th – Metro : Montparnasse Bienvenüe)

Christmas lights

Since end of November, we can see the changes in the Capital. People are more and more in the shops, grocery shops sells their exceptional products…

And especially, the town become a “City light”! No doubt, this is the end of the year and it fests and nobody remains indifferent in front of the light of the city!

Major sites in the city:

-       Champs Elysees avenue (Paris 8th – Metro : Georges V)

-       Montaigne avenue (Paris 8th – Metro : Champs Elysees Clemenceau)

-        Vendome square and nearby (Paris 1st – Metro : Tuileries / Opera)

-       Viaduc des arts (Paris 12th – Metro : Gare de Lyon, Daumesnil, Bastille)

-       Saint-Honore street (Paris 1st – Metro : Palais Royal)

Exhibition – Dali

The Center Pompidou

daliAutumn 2012 sees the launch of a major exhibition on the great surrealist artist, Salvador Dali (1904-1989), at the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris. This exhibition, devoted to the world of the Spanish surrealist – a prolific painter, sculptor and writer – presents known and unknown works for the public’s appreciation. This important retrospective will serve as an excellent introduction to the painter for young people and students and unveil some fresh perspectives for others.
Metro Rambuteau, Hôtel de Ville, Châtelet
From November, 21st 2012 to March 25th 2013.

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